Flower Show News

Flower Show Volunteers Needed

We will be holding flower shows this year from May to September and will need volunteers to help make this club-sponsored event run smoothly. At the present time, we need many volunteers to help run the shows. See below for jobs and descriptions.

Flower Show Coordinator
Experience exhibiting at previous flower shows is recommended.

  • Monthly: prepare a list of flower show submissions and advise convenor and assistants of show protocol. Tally points earned by competitors on a monthly basis for submission to the Newsletter.
  • Yearly: prepare monetary rewards for the points earned by competitors and prepare awards for major award winners. Award prizes for the various categories at the Potluck in November.

1 needed per show – no experience required

  • set up and take down flower show for the month (place class numbers on tables, set up show supplies, get water for vases, provide assistance to exhibitors in completing entry cards and placing exhibits)
  • check that entries have been placed in the correct categories before judging occurs and if necessary ask exhibitors to move design entries placed in the wrong class.
  • interact with the judge and be present when judging occurs, follow behind the judge and record the number of entries, winners, etc.
  • may be asked by judge to adjust entries in some classes or to create new classes.
  • ensure the the winner names are recorded on the forms provided by the show secretary

Convenor Assistant
2 needed per show – no experience required

  • assist in setting up and taking down for the show
  • be present when judging occurs
  • follow behind the convenor and place prize stickers on the entry cards after exhibits have been judged

Note: Convenors and the assistants must be present before 6:30pm on the day of the show.
A more complete list of tasks will be provided once the volunteer signs up. A clipboard for signing up will be circulated at the January, February and March meetings.

For more information about the Flower Show, please see the membership yearbook.