Town Gardens that we Maintain

As part of our service to the citizens of the Town of Newmarket and to encourage gardening among its citizens, The Newmarket Garden Club has for many years maintained two gardens in the town. The largest of these gardens is at the historical Newmarket site on the Stickwood-Walker Farm on Mulock Drive known within the club as Gord’s Garden in commemoration of Gord Langille who passed away in 2014. Gord was a longtime NGC member who designed and constructed the garden in consultation with the Town of Newmarket and the Stickwood family. As can be seen from the picture below, this is a large garden which needs volunteers to help maintain it. Requests for volunteers will be made throughout the year.


Stickwood-Walker Farm Gardens


The second garden, known as the Millard Garden, is at the corner of Millard and Church St and underwent a major renovation in the summer of 2013. This garden requires occasional maintenance as well but needs far fewer volunteers to maintain it. We will be asking for volunteers to help maintain this garden as well.


Millard Garden


Please contact us if you would like to volunteer to help maintain these gardens.